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• Benefits to Merchant

Higher Traffic Flow
The convenience of an ATM will draw people to your location. This increases the potential for more sales.

Increased Sales
The average ATM customer spends 25% more than a Non-ATM customer.

Aids in Loss Prevention
Cash eliminates the risk of credit check acceptance and the cost of check guard services and credit card discounts.

Provides Competitive Advantage
Having an ATM makes you a "destination merchant" when customers need cash.
• Benefits to Customer

Customers can access their cash from your location while handling other shopping.

With increasing crime levels, customers appreciate the additional security offered by your in-store cash dispenser.

Ease of Use
Our ATMs offer traditional appearance and operation. No need to train customers - they can begin using your ATM immediately.

Additional Services
We offer full network access, EBT, couponing programs, and non-cash products such as phone cards and tickets.
Receive a portion of all transaction fees collected from your ATM machine.



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"I am very pleased to write this letter of endorsement for Leon Cote, President of Lighthouse ATM LLC. We have been doing business since 2009 and he has delivered 100%."

Patricia Stenson - General Manager
Watertown Mall