Professional Service Since 1995 / Worldwide
Lighthouse ATM is a local company and is flexible and sensitive to YOUR wishes and needs, utilizing the clearing house Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS World Pay).

Lighthouse ATM welcomes the opportunity to discuss ATM's in greater detail with you.

Evidence of the success of Lighthouse ATM is based in our ongoing growth and expansion and in our satisfied clients. Lighthouse ATM continues to strive to provide the finest professional and personalized service to its clients and their customers.
Lighthouse ATM was founded in 1995, and is a Fully Insured Massachusetts Corporation.  Co-Founder, President and Owner of Lighthouse ATM, Leon Cote was a member of the initial ATM implementation team for New England, primarily Bank of Boston, Bay Banks, Shawmut Bank and Bank of New England in early 1980's.  All banks subsequently merged with Bank of America.